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The University of Kansas (KU) is home to over 2,100 international students representing over 100 countries. All eligible Phi Theta Kappa members that transfer to KU can receive a sizeable scholarship and choose from more than 200 degree and certificate programs to complete their undergraduate education. Previously earned credit may be eligible to transfer and counted towards KU degree requirements.

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Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

This award of approximately $35,466 ($11,822/year) is automatically given to PTK members that transfer to KU from and meet the eligibility requirements below.

Phi Theta Kappa transfer students may also apply for additional scholarships from KU International Admissions and from academic units

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To receive the scholarship, you must:

  • be a member of Phi Theta Kappa
  • have a 3.25 GPA
  • submit a complete admission application (by May 1 for fall semesters and Dec. 1 for spring semesters)
  • students who start in the summer will receive their scholarship in the fall 
  • submit an official transcript (by June 30 for summer and fall semesters or by Jan. 6 for spring semesters)
  • have completed 24 transferable college credit hours,
  • the last 12 credit hours earned by the student must be at a U.S. community college
  • not have earned a bachelor's degree previously,
  • ask your advisor to submit a PTK Membership Verification Form by July 1
  • not have previously attended KU as a degree seeking student

Renewal Criteria

To renew the scholarship, you must complete 30 KU hours each academic year and earn a cumulative 3.25 KU GPA. These scholarships may be renewed for up to three years.

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