Transfer International Credits

For international courses to be evaluated for transfer credit, an official record of completion and grades must be sent directly to KU from each school you have attended. Along with these official transcripts, please send syllabi that we can evaluate to determine equivalent KU courses. Some courses may not be recognized as equal to courses at KU.

Coursework must have been completed at an institution recognized by a U.S. regional accrediting body, such as the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which accredits KU. An international college or university must be officially recognized by its country’s Ministry of Education for students to receive transfer credit for coursework completed there.

Once you are on KU’s campus, you can assist the credit transfer process in a number of ways:

  • Present a catalog, syllabus, or course description for each completed course.
  • Provide the number of weeks, days, and hours required to complete the course. 
  • If a KU academic department requests an interview, demonstrate subject knowledge.

Once the review process is finished, you will be notified by email regarding the number of credit hours and courses that have transferred to KU. 


  • KU’s International Transfer Coordinator will personally evaluate your post-secondary transcripts. Do not pay for outside evaluation — KU's service is available at no cost, exclusively to admitted KU students.
  • CredTran is an online listing of courses that KU has already evaluated. Keep in mind that CredTran is just a guide; as classes change, your evaluation might differ.