The University of Kansas values the work of our agents to provide information to interested international students and assist them with the application process.

KU’s expectation of agents

The University of Kansas selects overseas agents carefully and will only work with companies and individuals who meet our high standards of professionalism and service. The guidelines below summarize our expectations for agents.

    Our agents must:

    • act with integrity, honesty, reliability, good faith, and professionalism at all times
    • provide accurate, clear, and unambiguous information to students at all stages of the application process
    • maintain accurate and comprehensive records of any applicants they assist
    • comply with all reasonable and lawful instructions of the university
    • obtain all necessary permits, licenses, permissions, and approvals necessary and advisable for their business in the country or countries in which they operate
    • comply with all applicable laws and regulations within their countries of operation as well as any United States laws relating to their interactions with higher education providers in the U.S.
    • establish and maintain a good working relationship with the British Council (where applicable) for the promotion of U.S. education and culture
    • keep up-to-date information and materials on U.S. higher education and on the University of Kansas

    Our agents must not:

    • make offers of admission or scholarships on behalf of the University
    • enter into any contract or agreement on behalf of the University
    • misinform or mislead applicants, even by way of omission
    • defame or inaccurately convey the reputation or interests of any higher education institution
    • allow any interests to conflict with their responsibilities towards the University
    • disclose any confidential information (as defined by KU) to any third party
    • assign any of their duties, as agreed with the University, to any third parties, including the provision of student accommodation

    Interested in becoming an agent?

    Submit an agent information request. We will then send you more information and set up a time to connect online.
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    Request for Proposal process

    The University of Kansas begins partnerships with agents through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Currently these partnerships focus solely on the recruitment of international students to undergraduate degree programs or the Applied English Center. Our RFP is open and will close on January 10th, 2022.

    How to Complete the RFP Process

    Our RFP process is open for three weeks at a time. Potential agents are informed by email about the application submission window. If you are accepted as one of our agents, we will schedule a training session with you and then send you an agency packet containing brochures, applications for admission, posters, and an agent manual.

    For any questions, or for assistance with the RFP process, please email Hadeir Shahin at