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Transitioning from in-person to online study can be challenging and KU is here to provide support and help make sure you are successful in your online course.

KU's Online Learning System

Blackboard is the learning management system used at the University of Kansas. Students use this system to complete tasks such as watching video lectures, submitting class assignments, participating in class discussions, and messaging instructors.

For more information on KU's online learning system visit Blackboard Student Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do online courses look like?

Watch this video for a brief overview of KU online classes.

What technology and software do I need to take online classes? 

Technology: KU online classes function best on laptop and desktop computers instead of on a cellphone. Thus, students will need regular access to a computer with a compatible browser and operating system to complete online classes.

Software: KU will provide students with all of the software that they need to complete their online coursework.

How strong does my internet need to be? 

Students will need regular access to a computer with internet that has a minimum of 5 mbps download and 1 mbps upload. The recommendation is for 15 mbps download and 5 mbps upload to prevent common connectivity-related issues.

This will be important in order to regularly check their KU email, access course content, and participate in class activities.

Will the difference in my time zone be a problem? 

No, it will not be a problem for student to be in a different time zone. KU instructors and advisors will work with you to make sure there are accessible class options for students students in different time zones.

Will I get academic help and tutoring during online classes? 

Yes, online students will receive access to tutoring and academic support to help them with their online coursework. 

Have a question that is not answered above? Email us or set up call to ask us directly! 

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