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College Online Freshman Bridge Program 

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The College Online Freshmen Bridge program allows you to get started on your KU degree online at a lower price for Spring 2021. All you need is a computer, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection.

Through the program, you can complete your first one or two semesters fully online before transitioning to study in person. Most first-year students take the same types of classes such as math, English, science, humanities, and an entry-level major class. Many of these foundational classes are offered online. 

Eligibility Requirements:
Apply to the Program

Tuition Costs

Students in the program pay a flat rate of $398 per credit hour ($1,194/ 3-credit hour course) which is about 55% less than the standard tuition cost for an international student. After transitioning out of the bridge program, students are transitioned to the standard international tuition cost.

Due to the tuition reduction of this program, the following international scholarships are put on hold for a student until they are transitioned to the standard tuition rate: International Merit, International Distinction, and International Achievement. Students who receive the International Excellence Award still have their tuition waived during this program.

The College Online tuition rate does not include campus fees as it is intended for students who will not need to engage with on-campus services. 


Contact Samantha Montague (Director of the College Online programs) at the information below.

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