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About Online Classes


KU is providing online options for students who are not able to study on campus due to COVID-19. If you are an international student with a strong internet connection, online learning is an excellent way to begin your chosen degree program without delay.

Online Course Options

KU has hundreds of high-quality online options that include both academic and English language courses, starting at all English proficiency levels.  Classes are AAU-accredited and will be offered by faculty and support staff trained in teaching online course content. Students can enjoy a variety of course formats, including video lectures, virtual office hours and online class discussions.

Virtual Support

KU’s virtual support services allow students to access tutoring and writing resources as well as meet with academic advisors to ensure online success. KU’s expert immigration advisors will provide the support you need to transition to on-campus study when the time is right.  

FALL 2020

As many international students will not be able to join us on campus by the start of Fall 2020 classes, KU is providing two options for students facing travel restrictions to allow them to still begin their degree programs without delay.

Option 1: Late Arrival with Hybrid Classes
Incoming students who want to study on campus in Fall 2020 but are not able to make it for the start of classes on August 24th can choose late arrival. To do so, they must enroll in hybrid classes that are both online and in-person. This will allow these students to begin their Fall 2020 classes online and then come to campus before the end of October to complete the rest of the class in person. Advisors will work with students that want this option to help them choose hybrid courses to allow late arrival. 

Option 2: Fall 2020 Online Classes
Incoming students can also choose to begin their studies completely online for Fall 2020. For this option, students will enroll in online classes and study remotely for the semester. Students will then transition to on-campus classes at a later semester depending on their academic coursework and COVID-19 related restrictions.

We are hoping all international students will be able to join us on campus for the fall semester. However, KU is providing online class options to ensure that those who are unable to travel due to COVID-19 have the option to enroll online and begin their degree programs without delay.

Visa and Documentation Guidance

Students will not need a visa until they transition to on-campus study due to not physically being on campus. KU immigration advisors will work with students on necessary immigration documents and visa guidance when making this transition. The university continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will notify students as new information becomes available.


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